Class on March 19, 2012


What I took away from this class (well, there were a few things, but this was one of the best) was that we all are passionate about something. If we want someone to hear what we’re saying though, we need to say it in the correct context. You need to get a group of people passionate about the same thing, display what we’re passionate about in a creative way, etc. We can’t just talk to the wind.

Another thing that I want to mention I took away is something about change. My job has been making me so mad lately with changes for the worse, making me cut out my lifeguarding hours, and just teach swim lessons. It has literally been stressing me so much the new dummies they’re bringing in to work, no one correctly running the department I’m in, etc. Then in class today I realized “who cares?” From today on, I’m going to not worry about change so much, I’m not going to care about all that. Hopefully after today, my life won’t be so mundane.


About rmbennin

I'm a freshman at IUPUI. I'm majoring in Media Arts & Sciences, with a concentration in website design (web developing). I have my own side business (mainly building my portfolio right now by designing websites for others for free) called Hearty Project Management. I'm the head of aquatics, lifeguard, swim instructor, water aerobics instructor, child watch, or basically whatever they want me to be at the Witham Family YMCA in Lebanon, Indiana.

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