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Class on March 19, 2012


What I took away from this class (well, there were a few things, but this was one of the best) was that we all are passionate about something. If we want someone to hear what we’re saying though, we need to say it in the correct context. You need to get a group of people passionate about the same thing, display what we’re passionate about in a creative way, etc. We can’t just talk to the wind.

Another thing that I want to mention I took away is something about change. My job has been making me so mad lately with changes for the worse, making me cut out my lifeguarding hours, and just teach swim lessons. It has literally been stressing me so much the new dummies they’re bringing in to work, no one correctly running the department I’m in, etc. Then in class today I realized “who cares?” From today on, I’m going to not worry about change so much, I’m not going to care about all that. Hopefully after today, my life won’t be so mundane.


My Hypothesis of Classmates Reaction To My Fear Project


I believe that a lot my classmates will not realize that they have this fear, deep down in their hearts. It’s both a good fear, and a bad fear in ways, and this will be confusing to them probably. It should be fun to see the reaction from the classroom, as well as Beth. I’m conquering a fear of mine, as well as others’.

Class on March 5, 2012


This was a very fun class. I learned more than I thought I would with the subject we talked about.

Our topic of discussion started by talking about just because things aren’t done the way they’re supposed to be, doesn’t mean they’re bad. In fact, that’s how some of the best things are made, by mistakes, or by “breaking the rules.”

Having a mindset of not breaking the rules gets “fucking boring” as Beth says; which is very true.

Stuck Sideways


What are the three things I remember from Seeing Sideways so far?

  1. Just because it isn’t pretty, doesn’t mean it’s bad.
  2. Beth can always find a way to work around rules. I love learning new ways to “break” rules (without actually breaking them) from her.
  3. An idea only dies when you give up on it.

How has your experience in this class been different from your experiences in other classes? If it has not been different, explain what is similar to your other classes.

I had to leave the part after that question saying “if it’s similar, explain how.” Because that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile. This class is in every way different from every class I’ve taken at IUPUI so far. Some people say this is just some blowoff class that you don’t have to work in, but I actually put more work/heart into this class than any other class I’ve taken. Some of the reasons are:

  1. This class makes you think. If you think too hard though, it’s bad. If you think too little, it’s bad. It makes your mind blow.
  2. Beth is not the traditional professor that lectures and bores the whole class. She actually makes me look forward to Mondays and the projects we do every week.

What would you like to get from the rest of this class?

Anything and everything. <—That pretty much explains it. I want to learn whatever I can get out of this class. I learn a new, different thing every week. I expect to keep learning a new, different thing every week until the end of the semester.

Unexpected Improv


So, Beth tells us to create something that uses something (or things) in an unusual way; using our totem as a starting point. Well, imagine my happiness (sarcasm implied) when my totem was a third piercing in my right ear. I decided I wanted to create a way to display my earrings using things not normally used to create a jewelry box. I looked around my room for things to use, and I started accumulating an idea. My first idea was to create a book with a binder, while filling it with hard paper, so I could display my earrings on all the pages. I decided I didn’t like this idea too much, because it seemed too simple to me. I then saw an old shoe box I had sitting in the corner of my room (I’m always saving things, because I think I can make something out of them someday). I got an idea in my head, then I found my bag full of shopping tags I save in my closet; then I grabbed a couple pieces of cardstock-type paper. Now to exactly what I did:

  1. I grabbed my trusty Mod Podge (that’s rarely used these days it seems like!) and started gluing the shopping tags all over the sides and the inside of the shoe box.
  2. After that (which took FOREVER, turns out some tags don’t stick as well as others!), I took some clear packing tape and taped it across the inside sides of the box to make the box sturdier.
  3. I then took the cardstock paper I had and taped one edge of it to create a bending edge.
  4. Then, I took a piece of ribbon from one of the tags I had and tied it to a hole I made at the bottom of the paper.
  5. Then I poked holes all over the paper.
  6. And ta-da! My homemade earring display which can also hold my other jewelry inside! 😀

My earrings’ jewelry box before.

Mod Podge-ing the tags on the inside! I apparently accidentally glued the box to my leg soon after though…

Tags all on the inside!

Getting there…


Finished! LOVE this!