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Class on February 27, 2012


Today, we talked about our totems, or souvenirs, from our hour (or more) of bliss this past week. Something that really stood out (or I think I may have actually learned?!) today was that you need that hour of bliss, or that peaceful time, especially when you’re busy. It’s like, it I’m so stressed over a bunch of schoolwork, if I don’t take a break from it, I’m probably not going to get good grades on those assignments.
I also learned today that the death of an idea is your choice, even if someone tells you that you can’t do that idea, or it sucks, you’re the one that makes it die.


Class on February 20, 2012


Today we started off by displaying all of our Tiger/Captivity projects (which Beth said she didn’t care if we did the project about fluffy bunnies, as long as we learned something). I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s ideas, I especially love hearing others’ ideas so that I can come up with ideas for my own things. One of the things that stood out to me today that made me think of an actual project I could do was when Beth made an explosion sound (at least, I THINK that’s what that was…). Jocque said that there should be an action movie with the explosions and things done by Beth, and I thought it’d be even more fun (for even a project I could do for this class) to create some sort of video game with Beth’s explosion noises. Can’t wait to get to working on that! 😀

What if…? Tiger Edition.


I’m supposed to really think about how to create a really great project, and to do that, I need to really brainstorm my ideas to create it. So here goes my fifty “What if…?” questions about either tigers, captivity, or both. (Thanks again Beth for actually assigning us something to do… It’s like your a professor or something…)

  1. What if I create a Flash animation of a tiger?
  2. What if I Photoshop an image of a tiger trapped in a zoo?
  3. What if I Photoshop an image of a tiger trapped in a jail?
  4. What if I Photoshop an image of a tiger in a fishbowl?
  5. What if I got a cage and filled it with my “what if…?” questions in strips?
  6. What if I create an animation of a tiger swimming in a fishbowl?
  7. What if I don’t do the assignment in time?
  8. What if instead of doing the assignment, I tell Beth to f*** herself? (just kidding Beth, thought it was funny though since you said it in class)
  9. What if I create an animation with the background as all my “what if…?” questions faded?
  10. What if I took the stuffing out of a stuffed tiger and filled it with “what if…?” questions?
  11. What if I stopped trying to creepily stuff a tiger with questions?
  12. What if I get a stuffed tiger, and put it inside a cage?
  13. What if I put my 50 “what if…?” questions inside the cage with the stuffed tiger?
  14. What if I got a fishbowl and put the stuffed tiger in it?
  15. What if I put a mini tiger toy inside a fishbowl?
  16. What if I got a smaller fishbowl to save money?
  17. What if I printed out all my “what if…?” questions and cut them out, then placed them inside the bowl with the tiger?
  18. What if I forget about the tiger, and create an animation of me trapped behind bars?
  19. What if I instead, create an Photoshop image of me trapped behind bars?
  20. What if I don’t repeat the things I’ve done for assignments in the past? (Photoshopped me trapped behind bars)
  21. What if I create a fishbowl out of some sort of material, instead of buying one?
  22. What if I create the fishbowl out of paper mache?
  23. What if I don’t know how to do paper mache?
  24. What if I go to Goodwill and try to find a fishbowl and they don’t have one?
  25. What if I go to the pet store right next to Goodwill and buy a fishbowl?
  26. What if I get clear rocks sometimes in fishbowls and write “what” on one side, then “if” on the other?
  27. What if I create an origami fish that looks like a tiger and place it in a fishbowl?
  28. What if I Photoshop an image of a tiger, then print it out 50 times with my
  29. What if I create an animation of a tiger swimming in a fishbowl?
  30. What if I create an tiger in Photoshop and print it out with my “what if…?” questions written on the back of each one?
  31. What if my dog decided to eat whatever I choose to do for my project?
  32. What if I do a video with my webcam of me creating this list of 50 “what if…?” questions to let Beth know how it makes me feel fishbowled/trapped?
  33. What if I make a tiger piñata and fill it with my “what if…?” questions on pieces of paper?
  34. What if I sketch a picture of a tiger trapped inside a cage?
  35. What if I draw a tiger inside a cage on my driveway with sidewalk chalk?
  36. What if I build a tiger from the snow?
  37. What if Indiana is stupid with it’s weather and it doesn’t snow?
  38. What if I draw a tiger on a whiteboard?
  39. What if I draw a fishbowl and “what if…?” written inside on a whiteboard?
  40. What if I create a tiger out of a recycled Coke bottle?
  41. What if I didn’t drink the Coke in the bottle first?
  42. What if I make a tiger puppet?
  43. What if I go to the zoo and take pictures of tigers and make a collage?
  44. What if I dress my cat up like a tiger and create a video of it?
  45. What if my cat is grey and wouldn’t even look remotely like a tiger?
  46. What if I create a Photoshop image of me looking like a tiger?
  47. What if I run out of ideas for my 50 “what if…?” questions?
  48. What if I tie one of the people I don’t like up with rope and take a video of that? (captivity…)
  49. What if I flew to Africa and did a video of tigers there, then went to the zoo and did a video of tigers there; then compared them?
  50. What if I buy a fishbowl, a small tiger toy, and print out my 50 “what if…?” questions, put the tiger in the fishbowl, then surround it with cutouts of my “what if…?” questions?

And, ta-da… my finished project! (just so you know, that’s a tiny tiger trapped inside!)

Class on February 13, 2012.


Class today was especially fun. One of the things I can’t really get out of my head was Beth saying “What if I took off my shirt right now?” (which I’m pretty sure got everyone’s attention), “What would be the consequences?”, “Would the consequences be good or bad?”, and “the rules”. This got me to really thinking about the “What if…”s in life. What if I don’t pay attention while I’m on the guard chair today? What if I quit my job? What if I take a lot of credit hours during the summer? And then I think of the consequences of those questions if I plan on doing them. Then I look to see if I can live with those consequences, whether they be good or bad.

What if…?

Book 2.0


A book makes itself a book by containing some sort of information (whether for pleasure or for facts). I love books, but I hate reading books online because I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of a book.

If I could re-envision a book in the future, and anything was possible, this is my idea for a book:
I would create a device like a USB flash drive, except you are able to plug it into your body instead of a computer. When you plug the “flash drive” into your body, you automatically retain the information from the “Book 2.0” into your brain. This would work especially well with informational books, but it could also give you the emotion (and memory of the story) from reading a book for pleasure. With a mystery book, you could feel the suspense; with a funny book, it could cheer you up; with an action book, it could give you that adrenaline rush you get.

You could download any book from your laptop or phone onto the flash drive, then plug it into your body.

My idea is explained through a short “advertisement” that I made in Flash for the future product.
(click on the image to view the video)